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bell train your dog- Ruffing it

How to Potty Train your Dog Using a Bell

This can be a fun project, if you want to make a bell that looks like the one above, or easily buy a bell; have an easier training experience with your dog. I told my friend about bell training dogs and she is already planning to train their next puppy this way. You can eliminate accidents when you are…

Puppy eating- Ruffing it

5 ways to speed up potty training

Toilet training a dog-- as essential as it is, causes stress for everyone involved. It takes patience no matter what, but there are some tips that can make the process easier and take less time. Here are some tips we have for pet owners wanting to speed potty training up a bit. First, it is…

Chasing puppy- Ruffing it

How to train your dog to come to you in the park

Even without any training at all, you can get your dog to come to you in a park. Yes it includes a reward, but there are other things you should know. Most who have owned a puppy can understand calling their dog, and maybe you have a treat ready, but it goes south as you…